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serpens, serpentis by SugarLies serpens, serpentis :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 0 0
no title
It fills my mind,
Oddly-pronounced words
And quirks galore.
It has not left my mind -
And I have not rested since.
The flurry is hardly a sprinkle at all.
Instead, the dried green is frozen with
Magnificent and deadly crystals of ice,
Coating my vision with white -
Blank, thoughtless.
This does not stop me, and I venture onward,
And it does the same, twisting my emotions
And whispering white lies.
My conscience has moved out, replaced by this being
So alien and strange with its ways,
Yet simply extraordinary.
I hate it, though I cannot bear to let it go.
For all of its unintentional evils, there is no will,
Want, or need to hurt it.
And so, it stays, yapping on as I struggle through the deepening
Mess and silence that had once been so loud and clear.
There is a glint of a wonderful brown in the distance.
It has not been part of my paranoia or dreams -
A wounded creature,
Once beauteous, now stumbling,
Trying to regain its pride.
But how I can see through it all,
Its dulled eyes, contor
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 0 1
Wolverine by SugarLies Wolverine :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 3 3
Out of Place
They sit in mutual silence,
Watching bits and pieces of
Their lives pass by with the
Dull tick of a clock.
He sits uncomfortably on the floor,
Propped up against a velvet sofa
That reeked of mothballs,
Though fitting in a dimly lit, derelict basement.
She lay her head
On the worn, burgundy couch arm.
Hair fanned out across her face,
The flaxen curtain is thin enough
To see the trace of a smile.
And he wonders
Why he is even there at all.
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 0 8
brookelle bones icons by SugarLies brookelle bones icons :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 38 8
Avis, Avis
The honey jar opens,
Its scent sickeningly sweet.
Sunlight scalds her porcelain skin,
And, hands sticky,
She takes off.
Dew coats her feet as
Shrieks send the bees astray -
The sun a melancholy gray
In her presence.
I count her footprints,
Bit by bit,
Swinging from branch of lush tree to tree.
There is wonder in the atmosphere -
Rushes of wind that tickle her cheeks
And make bright eyes tear.
Her cackles move the petals,
No worry in mind that a storm
May ruin her day.
I giggle softy, moved by her own
Melodious laugh.
Then, she turns, beckoning me
Into a world that I have only watched.
She envelopes
Me in a long-awaited embrace;
I inhale an odor of purity and verve,
Blood running Black-eyed Susie yellow.
She drifts toward the glorious light,
As I duck from the shadow
To hurry along after.
Steps behind, tracing
Whispers of paradise,
I anticipate the beautiful buds
Of Summer.
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 1 4
selfish girl..colorization by SugarLies selfish girl..colorization :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 2 12 remember by SugarLies remember :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 1 17
something of eccentricity..
Her beauty is alien,
A dark gaze,
Shaped like cat eyes.
Face sleek and pointed,
The cheekbones are high -
She is neither gorgeous, beautiful, or pretty...
It is something of eccentricity.
The expressions
Dazzle her face,
Electrify those eyes.
They transform faster than anything I've witnessed -
Even the most violent of winds.
The pen illustrates a world entirely her own,
One she quite possibly lives in.
If they let her, she'd lounge on the grass
For hours,
Letting the water flood in and freeze.
This way, she is alone,
Consoled by those of imagination,
Friends so far from human,
So close to being alive.
Her words are thought-provoking,
And her thoughts unfathomable.
One may shadow her hunched-over figure
In hopes of understanding
What she truly is.
They will never know that as the pen
Bleeds into ebony scrawl,
She slips below the surface,
Hands beating stone,
Knuckles crashing into ice,
Feet flailing as they
Struggle to find the ground to
Take off.
She says her life's too boring,
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 4 9
wolfie .. what will become?
Wolfie Is...
Carved into the wood
With the utmost care and
Polished pride
Of that knife,
Which you placed into her eager hands.
It is burned into her skin -
Her heart.
And yet
She does not feel the love
She had once sensed
Exploding with warmth.
The regards, reverence, adoration
Has slowly been chipped away
As the history of your sins,
Diluted and twisted by the story teller,
Rise from its grave.
A glint sparkled in those grey-blue eyes -
Those very ones taken by your father -
And she knew what you saw
Was like witnessing a piece of your soul
That would forever be remembered
Fondly by at least one being.
What you did not know
Was the word
Had been made long ago
Before the harsh world revealed its
Horrid face,
To the innocent ignorance she previously had.
From its honor of protection
To the intelligence and achievements
Belonging to a high school drop-out,
Now in the fingers of
A girl,
Trapped in a web of lies -
Some she has weaved with her own tongue,
Others surrounded her at infancy
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 4 9
Love Me... NOT. by SugarLies Love Me... NOT. :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 3 9
Listen to my cries,
The shrieking of my conscience,
The piercing calls
Sting my ears,
Yet I appear to be
A solitary victim
Of a cliché tragedy.
Blue and black
Mark the battles I have watched,
The ones where I have stood on the sidelines,
As if I was separated
From my own body
And forced to watch it
Be beaten, thrown around,
And worn down,
Like a caged bird,
Whom ceases to croon its once beautiful song.
The more blemishes
I gain,
The easier it is to conceal them,
Behind baggy, dark clothes
That match the sullen,
Hollow stare of my eyes.
Still, I wish -
A vain hope that rustles my heart's broken wings -
For someone to have the power
To detect my silent whimpers,
To welcome my hurt with open arms.
I risk it all
For this wasted love,
Which grounds me.
Once an immaculate dove,
I have done the worst sin -
To condemn myself to a world of
Secrecy and lies.
I cannot scream,
I cannot move or let go,
I cannot fly any longer,
As I am a solitary victim
Of a cliché tragedy.
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 0 5
not mine.
Rough like gravel,
Match with the orange contraptions'
Never-ending song.
Quiet consumes the room and their minds,
But it has failed to seize me.
My eyes, wide and steady,
Sparkle in the reflection
Of peach and sharp curves.
The piece is terribly flawed,
I cannot help to be awed,
At the artist's effort
It must have taken
To make such a thing.
My fingers
While my mind denies
The buried want -
That slowly begins to awake -
To claim it as my own.
Not mine,
Not my creation,
Not my idea,
Nor my inspiration.
The clay
Did not
Cake my hands or
Snake its way under
The crevices of my nails.
No, not mine,
But it's beauty so unique,
The green monster
And shakes its fearsome fists -
It wishes to make a fool out of me.
With a final glance,
I turn on my heels,
Head shaking,
People staring,
"Not mine, not mine."
:iconsugarlies:SugarLies 1 6
FENCES__paramore by SugarLies FENCES__paramore :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 7 7 Stand Still, Look Pretty v2 by SugarLies Stand Still, Look Pretty v2 :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 33 29 Stand Still, Look Pretty v1 by SugarLies Stand Still, Look Pretty v1 :iconsugarlies:SugarLies 5 10

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1. After all of these years, I'm still stuck with you! ...And it sucks. ;] Just kidding! I hope this lasts for another 8 years because it's been pretty fantastic.

2. I don't know what to think about you anymore, tbh. There's been a lot of stuff going through my head, and this hopeful part of my mind wonders if the chap stick you buy me is somehow rooted to affection. Of course, I'm ridiculous like that! ...Only time will tell, right?

3. You drive me crazy, and it's only gotten worse... But it's kind of in a good way. You're golden, kid! Golden. ;]

4. You are quite something, you know! As I've gotten older, I realize it a little more each day. Post-cliche or not, you're a cool guy. And, yes, you're still a dweeb.

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6. I don't know your story, but I want to help you somehow.

7. You seem kind of interesting, and I seriously want to get to know you more... Even if I do make fun of you! It's a term of endearment, really.

8. Yer a good soldier, kiddo! You really should have 11 paragraphs of a letter or whatever, but, thanks... for everything. <3
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